Bankera ICO is LIVE!

We have come a long way since we got to know of the blockchain technology and all this was made possible by bitcoin which took center stage and has been seen as the pioneer of this technology ever since. Some people have gone on to refer to bitcoin has the father of all cryptocurrencies, others simply call it the prime but one thing is certain btc took the most important steps to put the blockchain and all other cryptocurrencies on the world map. Today we have over one thousand different types of cryptocurrencies all with a different purpose besides being a payment gateway.

In this article, we look at how the blockchain will be disrupting the banking industry in particular Bankera a fully licensed bank. Bankera is a decentralized blockchain-based banking startup that is bidding to be the first crypto friendly regulated banks on the market thanks to the experience its gained from the spectrocoin product which is now one of the Longest & oldest debit card and card processing services on the market.

With Bankera joining the crypto market it aims to provide high quality financial servicing of payments such as: deposits, loans and investments with full support of cryptos and this also means Bankera being a bank users will be able to get Iban accounts for their business or private use along with debit cards . The benefits of joining this project dont end here, users will also be able to receive loans and get interest on current and savings accounts, and of course you can still make investments in low cost equity traded funds. 
Bankera is set to be a modern bank thats are aligned with modern financial processes and will also support digital currencies(cryptocurrencies) to leave no one behind but to make this project a reality Bankera is doing an initial coin offering which is a way to raise funds to develop this product and investors in return get to own BNK tokens which entitles you to Twenty percent of bankeras net transaction revenues that will be exchanged to crypto assets and then distributed to holders of bankera tokens. 

To support this project you can participate in its token sale which is about to end as can be seen below, time is ticking do dont miss out visit and secure your tokens today. For more information visit the links below.

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Disclaimer: am NOT in any way a financial adviser ,don’t take this as financial advice and if you choose to invest in this crypto market please understand that this is a volatile very high risk market , if you choose to do not invest more than what you’re willing to lose. 💰💰



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