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DID YOU KNOW Beluga Pay gets its name from the beluga whale which is a smart and social animal. Its is from these traits the company would like to emulate and exhibit the traits in running the affairs of the company. Read more about the whales here:
Beluga is the first crytobank ICO with certifications from visa n and mastercard that is set to be the ulimate payment option to offer merchants a complete mobile point-of-sale system that accepts credit cards, cash and cryptocurrencies all in one system.
In a nut shell Beluga pay is simply a mobile point-of-sale system that offers multiple payment options, inventory management, customer relationship tools and data analytics.
The project has been running since 2014 back then when it partnered with one of the largest financial institutions in Latin America called Banorte, where they had over 70 billion dollars in assets and 1,200 branches all across Mexico.Times have changed and its now time to take the beluga pay project global and add a cryptocurrency to merchants all over the world so thousands and millions of people can pay using cash, credit, debit and the cryptocurrency of their choice all in one system.
Beluga pay’s native token is called BBI and one of its main utilities is providing immediate settlement for merchants. For example: if a customer uses their credit card to pay a merchant on a Friday, in most developing nations, that merchant wouldn’t receive those funds until Wednesday, but if they use the BBI token and the power of the Beluga pay network, they can receive their funds almost instantly that same Friday and in the cryptocurrency of their choice. We all know time is money and allowing merchants to receive payments almost instantly, gives them access to operating cash which allows them to expand their business. Beluga pay believes, that by allowing immediate merchant settlements, business analytic tools and multiple payment options they can really help businesses grow.
For those of you who are potentially interested join this journey in helping make merchants lives easier you can support this project by participating in its token sale by visiting
Remember to do your due diligence before investing in any ICO as there is always risk involved and value of the coin could fluctuate any time. For more information about Beluga Pay visit or the links below to learn more about this project ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ ⇩
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Disclaimer: am NOT in any way a financial adviser ,don’t take this as financial advice and if you choose to invest in this crypto market please understand that this is a very high risk market , if you choose to do not invest more than what you’re willing to lose.



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