BABB everyone is a bank-tokensale live

BABB is building the ecosystem of tomorrow’s economy and a global marketplace for human innovation, financial autonomy and wealth creation. BABB will be giving back control to the people on how they use their money as it opens up banking industry to everyone regardless of where you are as it believes BaBB is more than a banking platform its a social movement.
In this article i will be walking you through BaBBs token sale which will be happening in two phases.
The two phases are namely Pre-ICO and main ICO but fortunately and unfortunately Pre-ICO was done and sold out which is a sign that investors have confidence in this project. The project will release 20 billion baxx tokens in the first round of the ICO and is capped at 20 milliondollars which will be dedicated to ship and market the product and once people are using the app and the baxx token is flowing through the platform they will release another 10 billion tokens to supply the demand and let the market to set the price . BaBBs will use the money raised in the second phase to fund further developments of its platform, the black card and the expansion of the platform into new markets.

For those of you who are interested to join this journey in helping bring this project to life you can support this project by participating in its token sale by visiting

Remember to do your due diligence before investing in any ICO as there is always risk involved and value of the coin could fluctuate any time. For more information about BABB visit or the links below to learn more about this project ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ ⇩

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Disclaimer: am NOT in any way a financial adviser ,don’t take this as financial advice and if you choose to invest in this crypto market please understand that this is a very high risk market , if you choose to do not invest more than what you’re willing to lose.



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