DIMCOIN Leading The Future Of Equity on the Blockchain

The blockchain technology has continued to redefine how we conduct our businesses today which has made life a whole lot easier and efficient. The technology has been adopted by key industries today like the finance sector, health sector, music industry, Insurance industry and many others .This technology is to disrupt my prominent industries in the the near future.

DIM Foundation is one such company that has adopted this technology and will be responsible of creating,managing and the distribution of both the DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies. The Data Interchange Module (DIM) is a technology that intends to be used to address many blockchain based financial ecosystem bottlenecks. The DIM Ecosystem will be made up of the DIM(of course), WISEConsulting and Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) and DEPOTWALLET.
DIM will come in two variants i.e the DIM Currency and DIMCOIN.
The DIM Ecosystem will offers crypto-fiat exchanges, blockchain wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges a platform for commodity trading & management and digital equity trading & management all in one place . I would also like to point out that all Investors who get to buy DIM TOKENs during the tokensale will be entitled to receive commissions as long as they are in possession of DIM TOKENs. The advantages of using the DIM Ecosystem are its low fees and simple registration process which breaks most walls like the financial barrier, administrative and geographical barriers that have separated potential issuers and investors in traditional financial setups.

  1. Using the DIM Ecosystem Buying and selling of stocks can be done without a broker which could cut down on bank fees when buying or selling digital assets and in the process save on paying commissions out.
  2. The DIM Ecosystem grants us the power to take full control of our assets and manage them to our liking.
  3. Thanks to the DIM Ecosystem will get some form of Seizure protection asno third party as access to our assets.
  4. With the power of the bockchain our trades (buy/sell) are executed in realtime and all this is done on a decentralised network that is always 24/7 online.

Remember to do your due diligence before investing in any ICO as there is always risk involved and value of the coin could fluctuate. For more information about the DIM Foundation and its project visit the links below:



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