BitDegree- revolutionizing global education and tech recruiting

One of the biggest problems the higher education sector is facing today is tertiary graduates holding degrees are finding it difficult to find jobs because of lack of practical experience. To be honest graduates cant play the blame game for failing to get their graduate jobs but for the next breed of scholars your problems might be just answered.
Meet BitDegree The world’s 1st online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition powered by the blockchain technology. The BitDegree platform is centred around building students with skills that are currently required by the labor market, this will theoretically speaking be an adaptive kind of learning system. Using the blockchain students using the BitDegree platform will experience a clear and transparent reward and achievement tracking system.
The idea behind bitdegree is to allow businesses who might fall under either employers or potential employers to shape the global education system to their needs for a tailor-made recruitment pool for the young tech talent. Think of it as Coursera and HackerRank merged together except its powered by the decentralized blockchain technology.

The main advantage of the BitDegree platform to encourage suppliers is the ability to initiate and maintain dialogue with upcoming talents and reward them for the results obtained through the smart incentives program. Smart incentives in the BitDegree platform will vary from small to large and will be location based. From the student’s point of view, it means being paid to learn new skills based on local demand, which not only encourages but can be a viable escape from unqualified work.

For more information about BitDegree visit the links below to learn more about this project ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ just remember to do your due diligence before investing in any ICO as there is always risk involved and value of the coin could fluctuate any time.

📚BitDegree website
📚White paper
📚Bitcointalk thread
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